Notice of Public Hearings for Several Ordinances on 8/1/16 starting at 6:35 pm Stanley County Courthouse

Notice of a Public Hearing for Ordinance 986 Travel Parks on 8/1/16

Public Hearing for Ordinance 986 Travel Parks 8/1/16 at 6:35 pm at the Stanley Courthouse Council Room

Notice of Public Hearing for Ordinance 993 Agricultural District Q – 4 on 8/1/16

Public Hearing for Ordinance 993 Agricultural District 8/1/16 at 6:40 pm at the Stanley County Courthouse

Notice of Public Hearing for Ordinance 994-998 Residential Districts Q – 5 on 8/1/16

Public Hearing for Ord 994 – 998 residential districts at 6:45 pm at the Stanley County Courthouse




Final Adopted Comprehensive Plan City of Fort Pierre


City of Fort Pierre Comprehensive Plan

The City of Fort Pierre adopted a Comprehensive Plan on July 18, 2016 which shall serve as the official policy document to guide the City’s decisions about long-term growth and physical development of the City of Fort Pierre through the year 2036. The City Council approved the plan with the following amendment: the Fort Pierre Road Network Map shall reflect that Buffalo Road and Verendrye Drive will both be classified as collector streets instead of minor arterials. The change is also reflected in the City of Fort Pierre Street Classifications table. The comprehensive plan discusses history, land use, transportation, public use, municipal facilities, infrastructure, economic development, and parks and recreation. This is an updated comprehensive plan developed by the City of Fort Pierre and the Fort Pierre Planning and Zoning Commission. The comprehensive plan serves as the basis for the City’s zoning ordinances being updated. The plan can be inspected by contacting the City of Fort Pierre public works director Rick Hahn at (605) 223-7690 or at The plan will be effective August 11, 2016.

Below is a link to view the final adopted Comprehensive Plan for the City of Fort Pierre.

Ft Pierre Comp Plan FINAL 7-18-16


Activity on Highway 83 between Cool Spot and the Depot

We have been getting a number of questions about the activity on Highway 83, between the Cool Spot and the Depot, and will attempt to answer the ones heard most often.

Q: What is “Fort Volunteer”?

A: It is a gift from Gary and Connie Grittner, who felt we should have a fort in our city. The name is in honor of all the residents and others who freely volunteered their efforts during the 2011 flood. When the exterior of the fort is completed, it will be given to the City, who will complete the interior with grass, concrete, picnic benches, a flagpole, and perhaps some small playground equipment. In effect, it will be an ADA-accessible picnic shelter.

Q: What is happening at the “Casey Tibbs Turnout”?

A: First, we improved the surface to keep it from becoming a mudhole. The eventual goal is to create a historic walking park with a 7 foot sidewalk connecting the depot to the public restrooms and fort along the west side. The space between the sidewalk and fence would contain historic signs, the Casey Tibbs “spinner” (which is being repaired and repainted), and other items such as sculptures or artifacts which tell the history of Fort Pierre. Most of the area will continue to provide parking.

Q: Are the recycling containers going to be returned?

A: Not to that location. We are currently looking for a new location that is convenient and accessible yet not quite so visible.

Please feel free to call the City Office with questions or suggestions.

Gloria Hanson, Mayor