The City of Fort Pierre is enforcing WATER RESTRICTIONS, beginning August 1st until further notice.

  • Odd Calendar Days – Odd House Numbers
  • Even Calendar Days – Even House Numbers
  • You may water AFTER 8:00 pm and BEFORE 10:00 am.
  • Common spaces, parks, and rights-of-way may water on Sundays & Thursdays ONLY.

The City of Fort Pierre has been notified of water restrictions to the City from West River/Lyman Jones. If you have any further questions, please call the office at 223-7690.

Brosz Engineering to conduct a new Flood Plain Study

The City of Fort Pierre has contracted with Brosz Engineering to conduct a new Flood Plain Study as a result of FEMA requirements. For this survey Brosz Engineering will be surveying property in Fort Pierre in the Marion’s Garden area and will need to access private property. This project will begin in the near future and will take approximately 2 months. We appreciated your patience during this time. Please contact Rick Hahn at the City office if you have any questions, 605-223-7690.

Workforce Development Grant

In August 2015 Pierre Mayor Laurie Gill established a local workforce development council to combat local workforce shortage concerns.  Since then, the workforce development council has worked together to define the current labor shortage, identify workforce barriers, explore opportunities and ultimately suggest solutions.  Council membership includes a cross-section of about 30 government, tribal quasi-government and private industry stakeholders.  This council was developed in partnership with Fort Pierre Mayor Gloria Hanson and the City of Fort Pierre.

1.10.17_workforce grant

Final Adopted Comprehensive Plan City of Fort Pierre


City of Fort Pierre Comprehensive Plan

The City of Fort Pierre adopted a Comprehensive Plan on July 18, 2016 which shall serve as the official policy document to guide the City’s decisions about long-term growth and physical development of the City of Fort Pierre through the year 2036. The City Council approved the plan with the following amendment: the Fort Pierre Road Network Map shall reflect that Buffalo Road and Verendrye Drive will both be classified as collector streets instead of minor arterials. The change is also reflected in the City of Fort Pierre Street Classifications table. The comprehensive plan discusses history, land use, transportation, public use, municipal facilities, infrastructure, economic development, and parks and recreation. This is an updated comprehensive plan developed by the City of Fort Pierre and the Fort Pierre Planning and Zoning Commission. The comprehensive plan serves as the basis for the City’s zoning ordinances being updated. The plan can be inspected by contacting the City of Fort Pierre public works director Rick Hahn at (605) 223-7690 or at The plan will be effective August 11, 2016.

Below is a link to view the final adopted Comprehensive Plan for the City of Fort Pierre.

Ft Pierre Comp Plan FINAL 7-18-16