July 5, 2011


The regular meeting of the Fort Pierre City Council was called to order by Mayor Tidball at 7:30 pm.  Members present for Roll Call were Bernhard, Briggs, Gabriel, Paul, Rathbun, and Ricketts.  Officials present were Fischer, Heezen, Lawrence, Thorson, and Tieszen.


Agenda.  Bernhard moved and Briggs seconded to approve the agenda.  Motion passed on Voice Vote. 


Consent Calendar.  Paul moved and Gabriel seconded to approve the following Consent Calendar items:  6/20/11 Minutes; 6/27/11 Minutes.  Motion passed on Voice Vote.


6th Street Drainage.  Allen Weller approached the council with concerns of erosion on 6th Street and the result of the erosion puts excessive dirt in his yard on 1st Ave.


Community Access Grant Application.  The following resolution was considered:

Resolution # 2011-09

City of Fort PierreIsland Drive Improvement Project


WHEREAS, the City of Fort Pierre has identified the need to undertake street improvements to Island Drive; and


WHEREAS, the City of Fort Pierre agrees to provide a 40% local match for street construction costs, plus pay all engineering and administrative costs associated with said project; and


WHEREAS, the City of Fort Pierre will secure the required right-of-way for the construction of the project; and


WHEREAS, the City of Fort Pierre agrees to maintain the street for its useful life;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Fort Pierre City Council duly authorizes the Mayor of Fort Pierre to sign and submit a SDDOT Community Access Road Grant application, requesting 60% of the eligible construction costs for said project up to $400,000 of grant funds


Bernhard moved and Ricketts seconded to approve Resolution No. 2011-09.  Motion passed on Voice Vote


Temp Malt Beverage License-Trail Ride.  Briggs moved and Ricketts seconded to set a public hearing for Monday, July 18, 2011, for the purpose of receiving public input concerning the issuance of a temporary malt beverage licenses to the Community & Youth Involved Center for the July 23, 2011 Trail Ride Celebration.  Motion passed on Voice Vote.


4-H Rodeo Finals.  Bernhard moved and Ricketts seconded to encourage and support the hosting of the 4-H Rodeo Finals at the Fairgrounds.  The City will offer reasonable services and equipment that is needed, in conjunction with Stanley & Hughes County and The City of Pierre, to get the Fairgrounds functional for the August 4-H Rodeo Finals.  Motion passed on Voice Vote.


Claims.  The following flood related claims were submitted:

Buettner Construction


D.L. Smith Excavating


Krueger Contracting Inc


Lien Transportation Company


Osnes Enterprises


Reid Widvey


Reid Widvey







Bernhard moved and Paul seconded to pay the claims as submitted.  Motion passed on Voice Vote.


Reports. 1.) Heezen reported that the City was approved for Recreational Trails funding in the amount of $60,850 for the Fort Pierre Lewis & Clark/Stanley Trail Project.  2.) Heezen reported on sales tax collections for May sales and May financial reports. 3.) Heezen reported on overtime paid over a period of 6 weeks, indicating 3350 hours for regular full-time and part-time employees.  4.) Heezen indicated that budget request letters were sent out and will be reviewed at the 8/1/11 meeting.  5.) Lawrence reported that a meeting will be held on 7/20 to discuss flood plain and insurance related issues.  6.) Lawrence reported that the pumping is going good.  We have experienced a large volume of run-off during that last few weeks and have been able to get the slough pumped down and get a little storage in other areas.  7.)  Lawrence indicated that we received a new Gater pump and plan to get it in operation in a box culvert yet this week.  8.) Lawrence reported that the 4th of July celebration went well and that he received a lot of positive feedback on the events.  9.) Lawrence indicated that he had a request to reposition the levee on the southwest corner of the Missouri River Bridge to allow better access from the bridge sidewalk.  10.) Tidball reported an exposed pipe on N Waldron.  11.) Tidball indicated that he has been in meetings with State OEM, County Emergency Management, and the City of Pierre to discuss cleanup, FEMA eligibility, and the need for a public meeting.  12.) Tidball discussed vehicles and the fact that one was involved in an accident and several have had mechanical issues.  He also indicated that we could utilize another utility vehicle for fueling and maintaining pumps.  Ricketts moved and Bernhard seconded a motion authorizing the renting of an additional utility vehicle and the purchase of a replacement vehicle.  Motion passed on voice vote.  13.) Briggs requested that the sandbagging be removed from the Expo so the facility can be cleaned and returned to normal operations.  14.) Ricketts discussed 6th St erosion, indicating a need for rip rap, plastic and some pipes for proper drainage.


Executive Session.  Bernhard moved and Gabriel seconded to approve entering into Executive Session at 8:20 p.m. for the purpose of discussing legal & personnel matters.  Motion passed on Voice Vote.  Tidball declared an end to the Executive Session at 8:25 p.m.


Adjournment.  With no further business, Tidball declared the meeting adjourned at 8:34 p.m.


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City Council meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month at 6:30 pm in the basement of the Court House

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