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We have some good news. The self-serve online form for 1D is now available on for people who wish to sign up and get on a waiting list. Please encourage people to fill out the online form and watch our website for updates rather than calling or emailing the clinic or hospital. People without internet access will be able to call 1-877-AT-AVERA.

Avera is communicating with our patients about the process for 1D. At 11 a.m. an email was sent to Avera patients who have shared an email address, are over 18 years old and live in South Dakota. This email provides the same information as the patient letter that will be sent to patient’s homes over the next week. You can view the letter here.

For those who do not doctor with Avera, a press release will be distributed in the coming days and larger PSA marketing campaign is in the works. We have shared scripting with the other clinics in town as well.

Below are some talking points around our process. They’ve also been added to the attached COVID-19 Vaccine Talking Points document.

  • Avera has been conducting vaccination clinics for different population groups according to priority groups set by the state.
  • South Dakota is currently vaccinating groups 1A, B, C and is beginning to vaccinate group 1D. Groups 1A, B and C include Emergency Medical Services, public health workers, lab workers, law enforcement, correctional officers, dentists, home health, pharmacists, public health workers, and those in patient care.
  • 1D individuals currently being vaccinated include people age 80 and over and those currently receiving care for cancer, transplant and dialysis. Avera is contacting our patients in the category to set up vaccine appointments.
  • People not in these categories can visit this site for more information on the timeline.
  • Avera, Sanford, Monument and other providers have divided the counties of the state of South Dakota for vaccination clinics.
  • If you are receiving treatment in South Dakota but live in another state, you will need to get your vaccine in your home state.
  • Avera patients in the 1D group will receive a call from Avera or they can fill out a form at People without internet access will be able to call 1-877-AT-AVERA.
  • Please be patient. If everyone calls their clinic or the hotline, the 1D people who need vaccine will not be able to get in as easily. Everyone will have a chance, and Avera is excited to vaccinate everyone in the state – but the process of vaccinating everyone will likely take us into the summer.
  • Avera asks that people watch our website at for updates rather than emailing or calling clinics as staff are receiving numerous requests. Please be assured that we will keep the public up to date.
  • Avera will also have a vaccine wait list if you visit, choose our sign up and the category of “other” if you are not an Avera patient, and not in a tier that we are currently vaccinating.

Thank you for helping educate the public.

Sigrid Wald Swanson | Communications & Public Relations Partner, Marketing
Avera Health | The Helmsley Center
801 E. Sioux Ave. | Pierre, SD 57501

Direct: 605-224-3160 | Cell: 605-222-7955

Public COVID-19 Vaccine Talking Points 01202021.pdf

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