With the recent and continued snowfall in excess of 2 inches of snow, the City of Fort Pierre will start plowing the emergency snow routes at 2:30 pm CDT today.  Secondary streets will follow the emergency routes.  We ask that residents please move any cars, trucks, trailers or campers off the street to allow snow plows to get through if necessary. Any vehicle in direct violation of this ordinance shall be fined $50.00 and the actual cost of removal and towing if not removed within 24 hours of citation.

City ordinances require that “there shall be no parking on the emergency snow routes when there is more than two (2) inches of snowfall until the said routes have been cleared to the edges of the street.”  Also a reminder, that with snow continuing to fall the plows may pass thru the routes more than once so please be alert to further snow accumulations.

For more information:  Office– 223-7690