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The City of Fort Pierre would like to remind residents to NOT FLUSH WIPES AND OTHER PERSONAL HYGIENGE PRODUCTS.  We are experiencing blockages in our lift stations due to these items clogging the system.  The maintenance and repairs are not only costly to all the residents of Fort Pierre through utility rates, but could also be very costly to individual residents or businesses as these items can block private sewer lines, possibly creating back-ups of wastewater into the home or business.

DO NOT FLUSH WIPES AND OTHER PERSONAL HYGIENGE PRODUCTS, even if they indicate that they are flushable.  They do not break down like toilet paper.

Some items to NEVER Flush:

ANY TYPE OF WIPES (Baby wipes, Flushable wipes, Disinfecting wipes, Cosmetic wipes, etc)

Feminine Hygiene Products

Disposable Diapers

Cotton Swabs

Paper Towels

Any Moist Towelettes

Swiffer mop refills

Toilet Cleaning Pads


Save yourself and your sewer utility from costly repairs and devastating mess of a sewer back-up!