The City of Fort Pierre in Fort Pierre, South Dakota, will receive FIRM sealed bids at the City of Fort Pierre, 08 E 2ND Ave , Fort Pierre, South Dakota, 57532, until 3:00 PM CST, Wednesday, January 30, 2020, for the “Verendrye Museum Renovation Project-Rebid Carpentry” for the City of Fort Pierre.


Plans and Specifications are on file at Fort Pierre City Hall, 08 E 2nd Ave., Fort Pierre South Dakota 57532, and a printed copy may be obtained for a refundable cost of $50.00 less postage and handling.  Plans may also be obtained in PDF form by email by sending an email to or by downloading from the Fort Pierre City website.   For Contractors who are resident in South Dakota who intend, in good faith, to bid upon the project one copy of Plans and Specifications shall be furnished, without charge, in accordance with South Dakota Codified Law 5-18B-1.


The City of Fort Pierre reserves the right to accept or reject any or all BIDS, to waive any informality in the BID received and to accept the BID that is to the advantage of, and in the best interest of the City of Fort Pierre.


Each bid must contain a certified check, a Cashier’s check or Draft, for five percent (5%) of the amount of the bid; such check to be certified or issued by either a State or National Bank and payable to the City of Fort Pierre or in lieu thereof a Bid Bond for Ten percent (10%) of the amount of this bid, such bond to be issued by a Surety authorized to do business in the State of South Dakota and payable to the City of Fort Pierre as a guarantee that such bidder will enter into a contract with said the City of Fort Pierre, thereof in accordance with the terms of such letting and bid in case such bidder is awarded the contract.  The Certified Check or other guarantee, or bid bond of the successful bidder, will be returned to him forthwith upon the execution of the contract and surety hereafter provided for.  The Contractor shall also provide proof of liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance.


Bids shall be marked "Verendrye Museum Renovation Project- Rebid Carpentry " and sealed.  The City of Fort Pierre requests one (1) Original Bid and one (1) copy.  Bids may be mailed to the City of Fort Pierre, P.O. Box 700, Fort Pierre, South Dakota, 57532-0800 or hand delivered to the Office of the Finance Officer, 08 East 2nd Ave., Fort Pierre, South Dakota 57532.


By order of the City of Fort Pierre City Council, dated this 2nd day of December, 2019.





Roxanne Heezen, City Finance Officer