Remember it was COLD! Heating Bills VS Space Heaters

Fort Pierre Temperatures from 12/23/17-1/22/18 the time frame covered for your current utility bill:

Average temp:  12 degrees;  Average High temp:  22 degrees; Average Low Temp:  2 degrees;

From Dec 23 through January 5, the high temp was 15 degrees with 8 days seeing below 0 temps, up to 25 below!

Followed by 5 more days in January where the high temp was 3 degrees and each of those days getting below 0, up to 12 below

Do Space Heaters Help Your Heating Bill?

Do you think you can save energy by using an electric room or space heater instead of heating the whole house?

With less square footage to heat, you must be using less energy, right?  Unfortunately, this is not the case. An electric space heater is an energy hog.

Looking to save big bucks on their energy bills, some people switch off their home’s heating system and instead use space heaters to warm a few high-use rooms, but using space heaters to heat your home can cost between three to five times what it costs to heat the same space with a home furnace.

As a result, it is expensive and inefficient to have a space heater run for a significant period of time.

A blanket wrap, big sweater, and warm socks are a much better way to go.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, space heaters will cut your bills only if used to heat one room while your furnace is set at 50-60 degrees for the rest of the house.



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