Request for Proposals to remove the west addition to the Museum and the Legion Clubhouse Building attached to the south side of the Museum.

Museum is located at 115 N. Deadwood St., Fort Pierre, South Dakota


The City of Fort Pierre is seeking proposals for removal and disposal of the west addition to the Museum and the Legion Clubhouse Building attached to the south side of the Museum. The Museum is located at 115 N. Deadwood St.  Demolition shall be completed no later than October 19, 2018. 


The west addition building is masonry with concrete foundation and wood roof trusses with asphalt shingles. Care should be taken to salvage as much of the masonry pieces that can be used as replacements on the museum.  The salvaged masonry pieces can remain on site until the tuck pointing and repairs are made to the Museum then removed by others.  Prior to removal of the addition, provide temporary wood closure over the large opening (approximately 7 ft x 7 ft) in west wall of the museum.  The temporary closure shall consist of stud framing and a single layer of ¾” plywood on inside and outside of Museum.  Make closure water tight.


The Legion Clubhouse Building is masonry construction, wood partition walls and wood roof rafters with asphalt roofing membrane.  The building is attached to both the Museum and the adjacent body shop building.  Care should be taken to prevent damage to the adjacent buildings.  The work shall include clearing debris from the buildings.  Repair damage to adjacent buildings caused by demolition of the building.  Others will repair damage caused by the construction of the building.


The proposal shall include cost of work involved in mobilization, traffic control, removal of the building, roofing, foundation walls and floor slab, fill voids on site with material similar to onsite material and rough grade property to drain away from buildings, disposal of the materials in an approved landfill, traffic control and erosion control. 


The parking spaces, located in front of the Museum and Legion Clubhouse, are available for equipment parking and material storage.


Traffic Control shall consist of signage, barricades, cones and construction warning fencing as deemed necessary to protect the public from damage and injury and reserve space for construction activity.  Temporary closure of Deadwood Street not to exceed 1- hour per event for loading of trucks is permitted, provide adequate traffic control.


The interested party shall perform all necessary inspections to satisfy themselves of the work involved.  No additional payments will be made for failure to include necessary work in the proposal.  Contact the City office to schedule inspections.


Proposals shall be lump sum for all work necessary to safely remove and dispose of the buildings to the limits described and restore the site.  Please deliver proposals by 5:00 PM on Wednesday September 26, 2018, to the City office at PO Box 700 Fort Pierre, SD 57532-0700 or hand deliver to 02 East 2nd Ave, Fort Pierre, South Dakota.  Proposals may also be emailed to


If you have any comments or questions, please contact this office.





Richard Hahn PE

Director of Publics Works

City of Fort Pierre, South Dakota