The City of Fort Pierre will receive sealed bids for the Yellowstone Street Reconstruction and Surfacing Project at the City Hall Finance Office located at 08 East 2nd Avenue, Fort Pierre, SD 57532, until 3:00 P.M Central Time, Tuesday, February 12, 2019.  Received sealed bids will be publicly opened and read aloud, at the above-mentioned time and place.


Bids are invited upon the items of work as follows:


·         Work to be completed includes Street Reconstruction with Salvaging, Processing, and Stockpiling Granular Base and Asphalt Concrete Mix Materials, Install Salvaged Base, Furnish and Install Granular Base, Curb and Gutter, Concrete Surfacing and Pavement Marking. 


The sealed proposal shall be clearly marked on the exterior of the envelope “YELLOWSTONE STREET RECONSTRUCTION AND SURFACING PROJECT – Due February 12, 2019”.


It will be agreed by bidders that all quantities of work will be performed in accordance with the provisions of the specifications and at the unit price bid.  Bidders agree to furnish all labor, material, and equipment necessary to complete all the work as shown in the plans and specifications.


The complete set of Contract Documents, including drawings and specifications, is on file with the Owner at the Fort Pierre City Office, and at the office of Brosz Engineering, Inc., 3030 Airport Road, Pierre, South Dakota, 57501.  Copies of the Contract Documents may be downloaded from the Brosz Engineering website.  The website is located at 


Additionally, upon request, in accordance with South Dakota Codified Law 5-18B-1, one copy of Plans and Specifications shall be furnished, without charge to each Contractor resident in South Dakota who intends, in good faith, to bid upon the project.


Each bid must be accompanied by a certified check or bank draft payable to the order of the City in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the total bid.  A bid bond in an amount of equal to ten percent (10%) of the total bid will be accepted in lieu of a certified check or bond draft.  Surety for bid bond must be authorized to do business in the State of South Dakota


Pursuant to State Law, a copy of the bidder’s sales and use tax license and a copy of the bidder’s excise tax license as issued by the State of South Dakota must accompany the bid.  In lieu of a copy of the license, the bidder shall submit appropriate evidence that the bidder and all affiliates have the appropriate licenses.


Bidders on this work will be required to comply with the State of South Dakota Department of Transportation Standard Title VI Assurance. The requirements for bidders and contractor are explained in the Contract Documents.


Compliance with the contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act, Executive Order 11375, Copeland Act, The Clean Air Act, and Water Pollution Contract Act and subsequent amendments to all of the above will be required of contractors and/or subcontractors performing work on this project.




Bids may be held by the City Council for a period of no more than thirty (30) days from the date of opening bids for the purpose of reviewing the bids, investigating the qualifications of the bidders and completing financial arrangements prior to awarding the Work.  The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bid and to waive any informality in the bidding and make awards to the Owner’s best interest.





                                                                                                Honorable Gloria Hanson, Mayor

                                                                                                City of Fort Pierre, South Dakota