The purpose of this chapter is to identify the corporate limits of the City of Fort Pierre.


The City of Fort Pierre shall consist of the land on the west bank of the Missouri River in Township 5 North, Range 31 East of the Black Hills Meridian, Stanley County, South Dakota, set apart by Section 22 of the Act of March 3, 1891, for townsite purposes only, as reflected in the patent issued by the United States Government to William R. Erwin, trustee, and on file in the office of the Register of Deeds, Stanley County, South Dakota, and shall include such areas as are from time to time annexed thereto. The corporate limits of the City of Fort Pierre are as follows:

The eastern boundary shall be the Missouri River; the northern boundary shall be the section line separating Sections 20 and 21 from Sections 17 and 16, in said Township 5, from the Missouri River to intersection with the north and south half section line of Section 20; The western boundary shall be the north and south half section line of Sections 20 and 29 from the above described northern border to intersection with the east and west quarter line of the northeast quarter of Section 29, along said quarter line to its intersection with the boundary between Sections 28 and 29, southerly along said boundary to the southern boundary of Section 28, and easterly along said southern boundary of Section 28 to intersection with the original townsite described above, and then approximately 4,740 feet along a southeasterly line described by the boundary of that townsite; Thence northeasterly along the southern boundary of the original townsite to the intersection with the bank of the Bad River thence along the north/east bank of the Bad River to the intersection with the north-south section line dividing sections 33 and 34, thence north along said section line the intersection with the southernmost sixteenth line of Section 34, thence easterly along said sixteenth line to the intersection with the bank of the Missouri River, Stanley County.


Authority: SDCL 9-3-2, 9-29-1