Nov 3, 2015



The purpose of this chapter shall be to describe the names and functions of the boards that will assist the Fort Pierre City Council in its discharge of governmental responsibilities and duties.

Authority: SDCL 9-14-1, 9-14-3


The following boards or commissions shall assist the Council in the discharge of governmental functions and duties:

A. Ambulance Board. A multi-governmental board to which the Council shall appoint Council Members to serve as delegates and liaison on matters pertaining to emergency medical services operations and funding.

Authority: SDCL 34-11-1

Cross Reference: SDCL ch. 1-24

B. Board of Adjustments and Appeals. The Board of Adjustments and Appeals, as established in chapter Q, is an intermediate forum which, upon request duly presented, reviews decisions of the City officials on specific matters. The Board may rely on files or records and may conduct hearings at its discretion pursuant to SDCL ch. 11-4.

Authority: SDCL ch. 11-4

Cross Reference: ch. Q-9

C. Appraisal Board. A group of citizens familiar with property values in the area, charged with placing market values on government property.

Authority: SDCL 6-13-2

D. Housing Authority Board. An advisory panel charged with grant oversight, coordination with planning entities, and liaison with developers and state and federal housing programs.

Authority: SDCL 11-8-38

  1. Planning and Zoning Commission. The Planning and Zoning Commission, as established in chapter Q, is an advisory commission to which all zoning and rezoning requests are initially directed. Such requests, along with the recommendation of the Commission, shall be transmitted to the Council for final determination.

The planning commission shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The term of each member shall be for five (5) years.

Three of the initial members shall be appointed for terms of three (3) years and the other four for five (5) years. Thereafter, all terms, as aforesaid, shall be for five (5) years. The Mayor, with the confirmation of the City Council, may remove any member for cause upon written charges and after public hearing. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term of any member whose term becomes vacant.

The commission shall elect its chairman from among its membership for a term of one (1) year with eligibility for reelection, and may fill such other offices it may create in a manner prescribed by its rules. Members shall receive compensation for each meeting as set annually by the City Council.

All terms of its members and its officers shall expire on the first day of July in any given year. The commission hereby adopts Roberts’ Rules of Order, revised, for the purpose of conducting meetings in a democratic manner to ensure its protection and to consider the rights of its members.

Source: Ordinances 530, 894

Authority: SDCL 9-12-3.1, 9-14-1, 11-4-11, 11-6-2


Any action or decision of the Planning and Zoning Commission or Board of Adjustments and Appeals as listed in this chapter may be appealed to the City Council. The Council shall have the power to overrule the actions or decisions of the Planning and Zoning Commission or the Board of Adjustments and Appeals with a vote of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of its entire membership. The Council may establish and change the procedures and rules governing the Planning and Zoning Commission or Board of Adjustments and Appeals.

Authority: SDCL 11-4-25, 11-6-2, 11-6-20